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Dog Boarding Form
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07/08 Rushah bldg,

opp.Fun Republic off new link Rd.

Andheri west Mumbai- 400053

Ph# 7045133970

Owner Information

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Emergency Contact Information

Please be sure to list someone you trust to make decision in case of an emergency. Please be sure this person is aware you listed them in this form.

Guest Information
Medical History

It is the owner's responsibility to provide accurate proof of current vaccination and/or negative result. This information is required to be on file with Pampered Pet Resort and Spa for any and all services we provide.

Boarding Release Form
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Release of Liability

I hereby consent and authorize Petsburgh to receive and board my pets. I understand they will use all reasonable precautions for the safekeeping of the described pets, but the facility will not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever on account of any unforeseen medical situation that arises, as it is thoroughly understood that I assume all risk.


I further understand Petsburgh's policy stating that all vaccinations must be up to date at the time of boarding. This includes distemper and rabies for cats and distemper, bordetella (kennel cough) and rabies for dogs. These vaccination requirements reduce the risk to both the employees and pets in our care. All animals must be free of any intestinal parasite before boarding with Petsburgh's Pets.

Special Diet

If my pet requires special or prescription food, it will be my responsibility to provide such food during my pet's stay. If I do not bring it with me and the facility has to supply it, I understand that I will be charged.

Bathing/Flea Control

I understand that my Pets needs to be completely free of any external parasites prior to check-in at the Petsburgh boarding facility. Any pet found having external parasites will be given in an anti-tick & flea bath at our onsite spa at the expense of the owner. If a pet is found to be matted then Petsburgh reserves the right to comb out or clip if knots that are causing inconvenience to the pet ( unless declined by me ). All extra charges apart from boarding fees will be borne by me . Petsburgh recommends at least 1 bath per 15-days of stay, I reserve the right to accept or decline this service.

Veterinary assistance

In case of an emergency or any veterinary assistance, I understand that Petsburgh will first, as a priority, take necessary action, before contacting me ( in case I am unreachable for any reason ). I also agree that, if My pet's regular vet is unavailable, Petsburgh's Pets has the right to visit or consult the earliest available vet.

I Fully understand and agree to all the terms stated above.

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