GANADOR ADULT DOG SALMON AND RICE 20KG GANADOR Pet Division is a part of Neovia that creates products and brands always following the best practices and world-class quality controls, knowing that pets are part of our lives. This has been possible thanks to a team of nutritionists, scientists, researchers and marketing experts. Our brands and products allow us to attend all market segments and channels, making our products available for everyone. Ganador is the only product in the market with the unique and exclusive Immune System Protection benefit which stimulates the antioxidant response of the pets thanks to the its unique formula with Selenium & vitamin E. Your dog’s coat is their shining and crowning glory. If that that fur you love to touch has lost its sheen, and if you look closely you see little flakes of dry skin, chances are, poor nutrition or food sensitivities may be the root cause. Adding the right nutrients to their diet is key. Ganador Premium for Adult can help your dogs regain the shine and health of their coat and skin. Proper nutrition should be given to your dogs. That is why finding the right dog food is key. Ganador Premium Adult Chicken with Lamb has health health benefits that includes a nutritional boost to every dog's physical and mental development. Ganador Premium gives your dogs healthy bones and teeth. Check out the our product's ingredients to ensure that as a proud FURRENT, you are giving the correct nutrition to your beloved companions. GANADOR PREMIUM - Chicken with Lamb - Helps your dog's digestive system. Some dogs, just like some people, are sensitive to certain food ingredients. For others, a sensitive stomach could be a sign of a more serious problem. Make sure to feed your dog on what is right for his health and tummy. Formulated and designed in France guarantees a high nutritional level for proper maintenance in the longest stage of the adult dogs for all breeds and sizes. Elaborated with an advanced technology for creating the high presentation, palatability and correct kibble sizes for adult dogs. Specially designed to give a complete and balanced nutrition. Being the only product on the market which combines two excellent sources of protein for a great nutrition. No artificial flavors.

Ganador Rice & Salmon Adult (10 kg)